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Belarus Protests: An Interview

Please note this interview was recorded in August 2020.

"Uchadi", or "Go away" -- these are the chants echoing through the streets of Belarus almost every day for the past month. The people are protesting against their leader of 26 years, Alekrandr Lukashenko, who's been accused of manipulating the outcome of the presidential election on 9th August. Official results have granted him a sixth term in office, but the Belarusian people are not buying it and are protesting against electoral fraud.

Since August, people have hit the streets every day to show their dissatisfaction and the government hasn’t shied away from using violence to keep them quiet. In vain.

34-year old Olya from Minsk has been protesting regularly since the presidential election results have been revealed. She is employed in the IT industry, leading a team of business analysts.

IT is an important and developing sector in Belarus, bringing the country significant revenue in foreign currency.

Olya is giving us an inside look into what's been going on in the country and shares her hopes and dreams for the future. I hope you enjoy.

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Impressions from a foreign Homeland

A story about going back to where you come from after 14 years. Born in Belarus, I moved to Austria with my mother when I had just turned 13. This is a story about the inevitable, which is our human urge to belong.

Music by Peter Körber and Chris Haugen.