All my work aims at helping you create a meaningful legacy that is authentic to your soul. My love for storytelling branches out into various areas, all unique yet still connected through my conviction that sharing stories ignites our compassion towards each other.

poetry image

Bespoke Poetry

Whether for a personal cause (e.g. birthday, wedding, love letter etc.) or for your business (socials, website etc.), I’m here to capture the essence of your vision on the page.


Personal Story

Do you have a unique perspective on a topic? I will write your story in a compelling and structured way.


Profile Writing & Interviewing

With a degree and years of experience in journalistic practice, I have the needed interviewing and article writing skills for your (book) project. I specialise in profile writing and human interest stories.


Coaching & Workshops

Do you have an idea for a memoir that you are excited about but need some guidance to help you start and organise your thoughts? Great, let’s have a coaching session and figure this out. Our first call to get to know each other is FREE.

audio editing

(Audio) Editing

I work bilingually (German and English). I have written and edited memoirs for Lifebook Ltd and produced and edited two podcasts.

creative collab


Whatever your creative endeavour, I’m all ears! I always seek to collaborate with like-minded, vulnerable and authentic individuals. I believe that we all have something to say but we say it better together.